Small change - big effect

Get a display

Be the next location to support our program and provide to your clients something to look at. No more dull news and boring commercials. Help support and grow your local community and show off the local small business.

Tell Us where You Can Help

Please provide the information on the location where the display will be installed. Most displays will be provided free of charge to the location. If you would like to display your own ads and can provide more then one screen, we will work with you in barter. This means you can get more screens and more ads. Note these displays are not dedicated to your business and will display other ads and community information.

Digital Ad displays with built in networking software to allow updating and controlling content. Perfect for but not limited to: banks, restaurants, fast food ad displays, spa and wellness, car dealerships, waiting rooms, event halls, public spaces, casinos, gyms, healthcare, dental offices, hospitality, house of worship, Real estate and property management, retail, .

Complete Package Solution

We have combined a 24/7 commercial display, a network media player, allowing use to provide quality content.

1st Year Free Video Display

we provide 1 video display for your waiting room, event hall or public space

24/7 Commercial Use

The displays i use have the ability to be in constant use 24/7 for over 70,000 hours

Local ads

The Ads that will run on the displays will not have competitors nor will your competitors see your ads. Displays in public spaces will display all local businesses ads.

Local Events and live weather

This feature will be added in the future. we can run designated or random programing for local events, along with local weather and news.

Ad Types

I can design and run a variety of ads from just a simple image slide, motion graphic slide, to full video infomercials.

Static content

Along with the ads we can design the screens for waiting rooms, spas, public space, and restaurant entry ways. Providing hours of content to help the passing time of waiting for service.

Persinalized screens

Rather than showing local business ads and static content. I can fully design your display. The display can be used for business ads, menu displays or what ever you have an idea for.